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Zoom talk Guerilla University- Conversation on decolonized landscapes- with zapatistas, kurdish ecological action, afro-american struggles

1 novembre 2021
14:00 - 17:00

Precious and rare moment of conversation between the delegation of Zapatistas who are currently traveling through Europe and will stop at our friends at the  La Nacelle Foundation in Belgium* and who will assist on zoom debate, respecting their decision not to take pictures (camera will face the park) , meet with the protagonists of the Kurdish action « Green Braids » – planting 4,000,000 trees in the field of Rojava (Kurdish Autonomous Region in northern Syria) around Rojava University and our comrades from the USA who invite us learning from Black Struggles.


The program:

Introductory word by Martin van der BelenLa Nacelle Foundation
followed by
 the delegation of Zapatistas who are their guests : Why do they travel and why do they want to internationalize their struggle, what they learn from Nature in their struggles?

Ivana, PhD In One Night presentation of Guerrilla University and connecting the landscape of freedom and emancipation with the social struggles of people, connecting the unlearning process with a new type of coexistence of man and nature. 
Presentation during the debate of visual intervention on  landscapes from Rojava University and Black Mountain College, as the examples of emancipatory landscapes which included gardening in their educational process, by participants of the recent course « Free Temporary Territories- Learning from Unlearning »  ( Guerilla University) in Austria, October 2021.

Gulistan Sido, Rojava University- « Environmental project in the middle of the war » – presentation of the project of planting 4 million trees

Mansur Teifuri
philosopher, Kurdish part of Iraq- representation of Kurdish popular uprisings in Iraq, inspired by Emiliano Zapata.

Araba Evelyn Johnston-Arthur: presentation of intervention at Guerilla University « Seeding another world » – connecting Black radical imagination with the new germs of the world that we are currently building together.
Rubia Salgado (DAS KOLEKTIV- Linz)- presentation of  visual action ‘ seeding the words in landscapes » in the frame of migrants alphabetization through poetry- Guerilla University Austria, October 2021, inspired  partly by words of Zapatista delegation that they hosted in Linz : « We come in Europe to plant the words as seeds ».

The debate is in English.

The translation of Zapatistas into Spanish is consecutive, thanks to the translators who accompany the Zapatistas delegations in Belgium.
Thanks to Bojana Majetic, University of Arts, Belgrade, who sent us this link zoom and for participating in Guerilla University episode in Austria.
Send us a message to get the Meeting ID and Passcode >>>  lanacelle@viajezapatista.be
Fête des mort.es avec une délégation zapatiste
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